I am a 25-year-old bibliophile and aspiring novelist. Books have always been my best friends. I love the scent and feel of their pages, and I am utterly amazed by their words, which make me imagine countless places, people, and experiences. I am never alone as long as I have a book by my side. Overall, I fancy all kinds of books, but I am particularly fond of YA literature.


Highlit is my personal book blog. Here, I share my insights and reviews on the books that I read. Its name can be used in three contexts.

Highlit is the same as highlighted, the past tense of highlight (transitive verb: to center attention on). In this context it means highlighted books. This refers to the books that I want to share and draw attention to.

The second meaning of Highlit is high literature (like high society). This doesn’t necessarily refer to the classics. High literature pertains to my goal to in my own way, elevate the level of appreciation for literature as well as the level of the books that are being published.
The third meaning is high on literature. Because seriously, books are fun. Reading is fun. And best of all, getting high on books sharpens the mind.