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Reading has always been a solitary activity for me. Nothing beats the pleasure of reading a good book in a quiet and private place. However, after reevaluating the bookish part of my life, I realized that it is also delightful to read books with my friends online. I sadly don’t have bookish friends in my immediate vicinity, so I am glad that I am able to virtually interact with the people featured on this page, which shall serve as our Buddy Reading Bookshelf. I highly encourage you to check out their respective websites. 🙂

1. Bentley (Book Bastion)


I’m Bentley and I’m a book blogger from New England. I’ve loved reading and writing for as long as I can remember, and that love has translated into lifelong passion for books that led me to this moment, and you to this blog.

I’m an active book reviewer that is always looking for new friends to discuss the things I read with! Feel free to add me on social media to follow all of my posts across all platforms.

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2. Caitlin


Hey guys! I’m Caitlin, a University student from Australia who is an avid book reader. I’m actually studying a Bachelor of Accounting degree which has absolutely nothing to do with books! Unlike a lot of others in the book community, I have no real desire to write a book of my own. I would much rather appreciate the work of others. Not a single one of my friends likes books so I (finally) joined goodreads a little while ago. I’m a lover of YA, NA, fantasy and romance. Honestly I just want to own my own personal library. I’m a total sucker for the bad boys in books! I love talking books with people so feel free to send me a friend request (if we have similar tastes) or message me!

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3. Amber Robertson


I’m 19 years old and from Australia. I’m currently living close to the Gold Coast, Australia. I’m also currently studying a Bachelor of Communications while majoring in journalism and minoring in creative writing, this year being my second year. I absolutely love my course and I’m excited to see where it can take me in a career. No matter what I’m doing you can usually find me trying to, unsuccessfully, sneak some reading time in – especially since I usually read on my phone.

I am quite judgemental in the books I read, even more so now that I write reviews. If I do insult a book you like please don’t feel discouraged as I enjoy talking/reading reviews of people who liked the book as it gives me a different perspective in which I was unable to find.

Also, feel free to send me a friend request (as long as we have a similar reading taste) and message me! I love to talk books and hear other peoples thoughts.

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4. Sven


Hi! My name is Sven. I’m 22 years old. Based in Belgium. I’m currently studying Filmstudies and visual culture. I graduated as a social worker. Books are a passion as are films and TV shows. The magic created in a story is a beautiful thing to create with words. I’m always eager to discover different stories between pages and in the lens of a camera. I’m open for every genre but with books I mostly read YA and fantasy. Feel free to add me on Goodreads. I love meeting new people with the same or different interests.

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